Yahoo releases new weather and mail apps in second phase of rebuilding effort

by Casey Newton

Ahead of the launch of Yahoo's new weather app for iOS and mail app for iPad and Android tablets, I sat down with the company's head of mobile, Adam Cahan.

"I would love for you to use all 12 or 15 experiences that we're going to build for," he said. "You probably won't. But if I can get you to use a few, that's success. If we do something that you really love in one product, you'll give us a chance on another product."

The app has some cool touches:

"At the bottom of the screen are some of the app's nicest details: a gauge with animated windmills that spin at the current speed of the wind, and a time-of-day app that shows the phase of the moon and the sun's current location in the sky."

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 7.35.00 AM4-19.png