How Google is preparing the world for Glass

by Casey Newton


Amid skepticism and name-calling ("Glassholes!"), Google makes a strategic effort to bring wearable computing to the mainstream:

What's noteworthy here are the many steps Google is taking to position Glass as a mainstream product, useful in all manner of situations. The typical Google product rollout is to hold an hourlong event with the press, put up a webpage, and start selling. In contrast, Glass is a product that Google is introducing over a period of years -- announced in 2012, it won't be available to consumers until next year at the earliest. Why the slow rollout? In part the reasons are practical: both the hardware and the software are still in development. And as a product with no competition, Glass can afford to take some extra time coming to market.

But it may turn out that Glass' biggest challenge in the marketplace isn't the technology itself but perception.