Why Tumblr sucks as a music blogging platform

by Casey Newton

A new piece from me at Crumbler takes a look at how despite Tumblr's popularity among music bloggers, it has failed to keep pace with the ways people talk about and listen to music:

Some of the reasons it sucks I described in March, when I wrote about Spotify, Rdio and the slow death of MP3 blogging. Widespread free and near-free access to a celestial jukebox of every song ever recorded has made the utility of dedicated music blogs vanishingly small. The vast majority of music fans are satisfied by a service like Pandora, through which they can simply say “play me this thing and things that sound like this thing.” The remainder can use a streaming-on-demand service like Spotify to check out the week’s new releases, dive into back catalogs, see what their friends are listening to, and get further recommendations from labels, celebrities and other tastemakers. (Tastemakers including bloggers, which is is one reason I assume that in the future, more music bloggers will use Spotify or something like it as their primary distribution method.) But in the months since I posted that, the ways that Tumblr specifically has failed music bloggers have become readily apparent.