Don't blame Instagram users

by Casey Newton

Amid the backlash to Instagram's proposed changes to its terms of services, I noticed an ugly response among some tech writers:


"Who's to blame for the Instagram debacle? Take a look in the mirror," says GigaOm. Time's Techland blog rolled its eyes at "A Bunch of Tech Things People Have Threatened to Quit Recently," including Instagram, which "can now sell you to fur traders per the new Terms of Service." To anyone who assumed Instagram's new terms would result in their photos being sold without permission, TechCrunch's M.G. Siegler had this to say: "You sound like a delusional, paranoid jackass."

These pieces, which were accompanied by similar sentiments on Twitter and around the Web, make four basic arguments: You are an idiot for thinking Instagram would never try to make money. You are an idiot for failing to understand the new terms of service. You are an idiot for assuming Instagram would act against your interests. You are an idiot for caring about any of this to begin with.

Let's take those arguments in turn.