Photo: James Bareham / The Verge

Photo: James Bareham / The Verge

Hi there! I'm a writer living in San Francisco. I moved here in 2010 to cover technology for the business desk of the San Francisco Chronicle, and later became a senior writer at CNET. In 2013 I joined The Verge, where I am a senior editor leading our coverage of Silicon Valley. is my personal blog, and I use it as a kind of rolling portfolio of the more substantive pieces I write.

In 2017 I started writing a daily newsletter about social networks and democracy. It's a weekday roundup of the day's news about Facebook, Twitter, Snap, and their would-be competitors, focused on our developing understanding of how these companies change human behavior and the country at large. You can sign up to receive it for free here. In 2018 I launched Converge, an interview game show about Silicon Valley. You can check it out on Apple PodcastsPocket CastsGoogle Play MusicSpotify, our RSS feed, and wherever fine podcasts are sold.

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